Court proceedings: Allert Anthony vs. Thomas Willet; Caspar Steinmits vs. Henry Bresier; Isaac Allerton vs. Cornelis de Potter; Cornelis de Potter vs. Isaac Allerton and George Woolsey; Jacob Claessen vs. Aeltje Dirrickx; William Beekman vs. Ariaen Tienhoven

Scanned Document:

First several lines are lost.  ]

At the Meeting on 9 September. Present: the Lord General, La Montaigne, Newton, Fiscal Tienhoven, Jochem Pietersz, Paulus Leendertsen, Wm. Beeckman.

Allert Antony, plaintiff, against Casper Verlett; [      ] defaults.

Allert Antony and Gabry, plaintiff, against Thomas Willet.

The director and council order that the seller, Wm. Smit, shall have to appear here in order to bear witness to the truth.

Jacob van Couwenhoven, plaintiff, against Ariaen Keyser; [      ] defaults.

Casper Steynmits, plaintiff, against Herry Bresier; the plaintiff demands f12 from the defendant.

The defendant acknowledges giving his word for twelve English shillings for Marck Meggs.

The director and council condemn him to pay the twelve shillings and that he should seek compensation from his partner.

Phillip Gerrardy, plaintiff, against Laurence Cornelysse; the plaintiff demands payment of f48,9 owed him for over two years.

The defendant acknowledges the debt.

The director and council order the wife of Phillip Gerrardy to be paid in beavers

First several lines are lost.  ]

. . . the plaintiff demands [      ] fifty guilders for house rent [      ] Allerton's house.

The defendant declares that he is only aware of agreeing to the sum of f325 ] yearly. The director-general, as witness, agrees that the contract was made for f325 and that the payment is to be made in silver money.

The director and council order that they shall [      ] with one another.

Cornelys de Potter, plaintiff, representing his maid servant, against Isaack Allerton and Jorys Woolsy; the plaintiff complains against a certain Ralph Clarck who had deceived his maid, Willemmeyntien, with a promise of marriage.

Cornelys de Potter, plaintiff, against Jacob van as curator for Pieter Antony. The parties are ordered to proceed in writing.

Cornelys de Potter, plaintiff, against Foppe Jansen, as curator of the aforesaid; the defendant acknowledges having transported beavers, but not for himself.

Jacob Claessen, plaintiff, against Aeltien Dirricksz; the plaintiff demands to know of his wife Aeltien Dirricksz, the reason why she will not live with him and remains away from him. The director and council having heard the parties and read the depositions, order that the plaintiff be held in confinement until the ships depart for the fatherland, in order to prevent any trouble.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 5, Council Minutes, 1652-1654 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1983).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.