Recommendation of the arbitrators in the case of Jacob Jansz Huys vs. Pieter Rudolphus

Scanned Document:


Whereas we, the undersigned, appointed as arbitrators by the honorable director general and councilors according to their resolution dated 21 December this last year, concerning the dispute between Allard Antony, plaintiff, as attorney for Jacob Jansen Huys, skipper on de Peereboom, on the one side, and Pieter Rudolphus, on the other side, regarding a certain hogshead of brandy that the aforesaid Pieter Rudolphus claims was lost on account of poor storage, according to his [      ] made to us; however, he said that he ultimately [      ] to expect [      ] the director general and councilors, because he [      ] us as hostile, whereupon he [      ] from our meeting, as can be seen in the report of the court messenger, Claes van Elslant, so that he intended to have the order issued by us carried out but because at the same time Allard Antony submitted to us the order given by the honorable director general whereby the aforesaid lord general ordered us that if the defendant failed to appear, we as commissioners should reassess the parties’ documents and submit our recommendation thereon in writing to the aforesaid lords general and councilors; therefore, after having read and considered everthing that was relevant, and for certain reasons inducing us thereto, we find that the skipper ought to lose the freight and the merchant his goods, for as much as it concerns the aforesaid hogshead of brandy. Thus done the 21 st of January 1656; was signed: Jacob Gorter, Pieter Dircksz, Louweris Cornelisse.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 6, Council Minutes, 1655-1656 (Syracuse: 1995). A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.