Letter from Stuyvesant to Jeremy Clarke, president of Rhode Island

Scanned Document:

[      ]

[      ] received a letter from your worthy [      ]

was pleased (for & in the generall behalfe of [      ]

the trade, Commerce & louing Correspondence [      ]

increasing whereof. I hope you shall aleways find [      ] desirous to give you any reasonable satisfaction, soe farre [      ] relation of whom I serve will permit & I doubt not with the [      ] matters betwixt your Countriemen & us[1] will be soe well Composed [      ] will rest well satisfied & well contented of my realle [      ]

Of late I have received information (Concerning a greate abuse not [      ] but all the rest of the English these, and our owne Jurisdiction heere [      ] have realtion and live under our goverment have & doe use [      ] way of trade with the natives amongst you; and am therefore desir[      ] knowne that exemplarie Justice may be executed uppon the delinqu ·  ] recomend it unto you sre. whom it Concemes as theyr elected Cheife [      ] magistrates to indeavour to finde oute the truth thereof, & to send me the [      ] therein, soe Sire with my respecting loue & thanks to your self & the rest of yo[      ] for theyer kinde salutes: I take my leave & rest ready

to serve you in what I may

P: Styvesant

Fort New Amsterdam in New Netherlands November the 2d 1647 st. novo


"in these partes" was inserted at this point.


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.