New Amsterdam, November 15, 1647. Letter. Director Stuyvesant to Governor Winthrop; complaints against New Haven

Scanned Document:

[      ]

[      ] two letters [      ]
[      ] may by these please to [      ]
[      ] all with souldiers to [      ]
[      ] any other malefactors [      ]
[      ] uppon the first intimation from you [      ]

By that sent me by your countryman Baxter; I [      ]
Mercy in your recouvery and likwise of your friendlie [      ]
imparting them to your Commissioners since which you may [      ]of New Haven have somthing misenterpreted my actions in my [      ]
H. M. the states Generall of the United Belgicke Provinces [      ]
but according to the order of my masters.

They have likewise refused to deliver the fugitives being servants and [      ] Indie Company, allthough I requested the deliverie of them to our officer [      ] them: however my resolution are according to my first to you which [      ] good tyme will effectuate to our mutual comfortable neighbourhood, by our [      ] togeather in the spring with the worth Gouernor of Plimmouth in [      ] recommend you to the protextion of the most high and

Your humble ser[      ]

P. Styvesant

Fort New Amst: in New Netherlands
November the 15th 1647 st. no.


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.