Director General Stuyvesant to Governor Winthrop

Scanned Document:

[      ] of one purport and date being the 26th. [      ] I understand that through som[      ] very sorrye, In respect I [      ] writt to [      ] it some 14 dayes agoe by a ship that went [      ] is likewise, to have had some agitation with your Commissio[      ] the trade with the natives, which for present must be suspended [      ] are pleased to write Concerning the setling of a firme peace betwene [      ] has begune, allthough there hath bynne some difference in words, I hope [      ] as once thinke of warre betwene us, fore I shall not only desire but prayes [      ]respondencie betwene us and those of New haven and other places, allways p[      ] in incroaching uppon one anothers pr[      ] state they are, untill theire bee [      ] of the diference of limits of the which I intreate you will please to acqu[      ]missioners: soe having not further att present but my humble respects to your self[      ] I take leave and rest

Yours in all offices of love and service

Peter Styvesant

Fort New Amsterdam in New Netherlands

August the 26th 1648. st: no:


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.