Director General Stuyvesant to Governor Eaton

Scanned Document:

The answere

Honoured Sir ]

Yours of June ] the 20th st: vet:, I recd & perceive that my propositions for a meeting att Conneticut are well accepted both by your selfe ] & the worthy Governor Winthrop. In his to Mee I understand the tyme will be aboute the middle of September. I sh ]all further entreate yow if it may stand any waye with your Conveniencie, that the sd. meeting may be aboute the ] 20th of Augst., ould stile, in respect our shipping will presentlie after be ready to goe for our native Countrie, ] and I should be very glad by the first opportunitie to give accompt to my Lords the Estates Generali of my proceedings with you, & shall then haue opportunitie of sending one expresse to my said Lords, otherwise I shall have noe opportunitie till the next Summer; And whereas you are pleased to write Concerning my countrieman, ] Will. Westerhowse that he may have free admission heere, without molestation either by land or watter; I shall desire yow will please to excuse me therein, in respect I cannot permit to Come heere without questioning him for his Contempt of the sovereigne Justice of our native land in his disobeying theyre established orders, but if hee hath any thing to speake to me, I doubt not but with the permission of God to make him an answere att Conneticut and Soe Sir for present I shall take my leave and Rest,

Yours in all reall offices of love

Pet: Styvesant

Fort New Amsterdam in New Netherlands, July the 8th, 1648. st: no:


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.