Stuyvesant to the Commissioners of the United New England Colonies

Scanned Document:

The answere to the Comissioners letters.

Honoured and Worthy Sirs

Yours of the 16th of September I recd and whereas you are pleased to write, that dis[      ] and profitable peace betwixt the English Collonies & Dutch plantacions in these partes [      ] and prese[      ] what you had heard, first Concerning the trading of gunnes etc: att fort Ourania, 2ly: Concerning the recognit[      ] heere received, and that as yett you had not received my answere.

In the first place I cannot but approve of your considerate Cares to the welfare of these places, & hope you will looke uppon mee as one of the same Condition & as deputed from my sovereigne masters, that have soe long and soe haplie lived in peace & union with the English nation in our native Countires, and therefore dare have noe other thoughts but my obedience to theyre just Commands.

2ly. Concerninge

[      ] one friend to another [      ] [      ]low subjects of one state, if J[      ] [      ]r Countrie, if he can make it Soe well app[      ] [      ] the lesse troublesome [      ]

[      ]selves & considered all the letters & claimes of myne to the Go[      ] [      ]ges as first our pretence frame Cape Henlopen to Cape Cod, you [      ] [      ] Eastward is in our language called Cape Mallabare, in Engl. Cape Cod [      ] but another by you called Poynt Judith, & for myne own [      ] & was reallie [      ] some agitation in ways of preparation to our superiors att home for [      ] all future Causes of Contestation betwixt us & our posteritie heere might have setled but soe any private differences betwixt me or any partie else I shall [      ] but to my honoured friends the Governors of Boston & Plimmouth; for my dubious exp[      ] our (if I did most) allthough in myne owne heart I was resolved for it, yet not knowing [      ]ould not positively preclude it; In myne to Mr. Winthrop I briefly rendered the rasone [      ] I suppose you have likewise seene, & my thoughts & resolutions were, referring to each other [      ] hard entered into such a Combination with you as a Christian friend & Neighbor & as in your wisdoms [      ] thought most profitable for the well being & supsistence of us all in these parts against our Common [      ] comission from my soverignes from what I have allready (or shall) & when tyme & [      ] you [ J is soe large & ample as will satisfy yow in every respect, and although for mine yow owne parte I might [      ] I have already sufficiently [      ] my duty in my often propositions for a meeting, & in expectat[      ] hendered from following other [      ] in my masters service, yet notwithstanding shall still referre myselfe [      ] wheather you consider it necessary or not. And to appoint the time, all [      ] & indeed it maybe in June [      ]st.

Whereas you write me Concerning my ver [      ]ining of recognition of some that only passed by, there was a finall matter d[      ] & [      ] of acknowledgmt by one of your countrymen & was for trading att the South river a place we .pretend unto but since uppon some considerations have forborne.

Whereas you are likewise pleased in all your letters to give our Province the appellation of a plantation, you may please to understand that our States Generall have intitled & ind[      ] us with the liberties & privileges of a Province and so [      ] us in all, theyre courteous, for with my respective love to you all I rest

Fort New Amsterdam in New Netherland

Pet. Stuyvesant


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.