Director General Stuyvesant to Governor Eaton

Scanned Document:

Worthy Sir, ]

I hope yow have ] received myne in answere to yours of the 17th of Fehr: and whereas yow are pleased to write concerning the answere of the ] Commissioners to myne first that they are unsatisfied in diverse particulars, yett willing & desirous of a meeting, that ] all things may be Composed in a neighbourlie & just waye, I hope I have giuen yow and them sufficient satisfaction of m ]y readines therein, & shall willinglie attend all due meanes for the accomplishing it, which they and myselfe conceive ] may be effected by our joynt meeting; and uppon some Considerations is intended att Boston. I suppose my in ]abilitie to travaile soe farre by land, is well knowne to yow and them: and understanding by the latter parte of your ] letter of the death of that ever honoured and worthy gent: Mr. Winthrop, I doe reallie Condole with you, we being all of ] vs in these partes participants in the sad losse of one whose wisdom and integritie might haue done much in ] Composing matters betwene vs, & shall therefore referre to you and theyre Considerations weather or noe the ] meeting may not as well be att Conneticut, according to the tyme appointed (& vppon notice thereof shall ] willinglie attend it) if not I shall neverthelesse give you a visit att Newhauen, where wee may have some ] speech betwene vs indeavouring to remove all mistakes or misapprehensions betwene vs, Sir, I rest, ]

Pet Styvesant ]

Fort New Amsterdam in New Netherlands May the 4th


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