Director General Stuyvesant to Governor Eaton

Scanned Document:

[1]To Mr. Eaton. Sir,

Yours of the 30th of Aprill, stil: vetere, I receiued & receiuing a letter from Heemstate after the vpsealing of my last vnto you, I sent it you by Mr. Allerton, togeather with a discharge to Joseph Scot from the attumey of the man att Stamford.

And whereas yow are pleased to write against concerning the commissioners being vnsatisfied in diuerse particulars in myne to them, I hope they will neither expect or require more from me then what I may well answere to the state I serue.

Concerning Mr. Allertons informing yow of the taking of the recognition of goods imported heere (from New England) by your countriemen, yow may please to vnderstand that the ten per centum formerlie demanded and paid, it is for present suspended & not to be demanded or paid till further order, and allthough vppon. very good considerations there was a signe erected for to anchor within, yet being now blowne downe by accident shall be no more sett vp, allthough vppon request I neuer denyde any of your countriemen libertie to anchor where they pleased after they had shewne theyre obedience to the said order.

Concerning my writing unto you aboute my intentions of giveing yow a visit att Newhauen in case that the commissioners did not meete at Conneticut, and that in reference to personall respects yow were free for all friendlie offices, wheather att Manhataes or Newhaven, yet remembring things past in the tyme of my predecessor, & what hath bynne done by my order, you referre to my consideration the inconveniences that may thereby arise, Sir, I haue no reason to miscontrue or censure your open & plaine dealing therein, but to embrace it with a friendlie acknowledgemt of your wisdom, for I suppose it is well knowne vnto you that in relation of my duty to the state I serue, I cannot answere those ends you may be necessitated to vrge & presse, and shall therefore further attend your answere from] the Commissioners in [the interim shall rest,

Pet: Styvesant

May ] the 26th, (49.)


  • Document is missing; transcription taken from ibid., 533-34.


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