Governor Eaton to Director General Stuyvesant

Scanned Document:

[1][Honoured Sir,

Yours of the 26th May, 1649. st: no: I haue recd & since that another dated June [ blank ] concerning fugitives, of whose arrivall in these partes I yett heare nothing, but have given ] order to our marshall to enquire and apprehend them.

The comissioners cannot but conceive and conclude, that the states you serve will approve and commend a just carriage and correspondencie towards all the English collonies, & certainelie in such passes of righteousnes the state of England will direct & walke with them; we have formerlie protested against Mounsr. Kiefts injurious course att Deleware and else where, as you have bin informed,; our right there is well knowne (not only to the English but) to the Duch & Sweeds & Indians. Wee never claimed, nor doe we desire to posesse a foote of land to which you can shew any just title, but we may neither lose nor let fall the English interest & claime in and to what we haue purchased & paid for in those partes; had you bin pleased to have met the commissioners att Boston, these and other greivances which (I need not mynde you of) might haue bin dulie debated, and by such a referrence as your selfe have propounded, justice issued. ] The commissioners for the Massachusets haue latelie certified me that with conveniencie they cannot meet at Conneticut, besides Mr. Bradford his indisposition to travaile, of which I wrote formerlie; Mr. Dudley, one of the present commissioners, is above 70 yeares of age, and unfit for such a journey.

By yours of the 26th of May, I understand that the 10 per cent. formerlie required and taken for good[s ] imported, is only for the present suspended, it may then be reimposed or increased att pleasure, which you know cannot satisfie; that the hand erected for anchoring is downe by accident, and shall be sett vp noe more, but I desire if you please to be further certified, wheather the English in theyre trading att the Manhataes, and in theyre passing by to and from the Deleware, Virginia, etc. may expect a full freedome from all recognition, imposition or charge, by what name soeuer called, both for goods imported and exported, or what duties, restraints or confiscations they must paye and submit unto, & uppon what grownds, that the merchant seing his waye, may walke safelie, and the comissioners] may order theyre counsells and courses accordinglie, [as they wrote to yow from Plimouth, J September 16th, 1648. So Sir, I take leave and rest,

Theo: Eaton

Newhaven ] in New Engl: June the[7th,] 1649, st: vet:


Only a fragment of this letter remains; text has been recovered from NHCR, 1:534-35. An excerpt appears in NYCD, 12:52.


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.