Hempstead officials to Director General Stuyvesant

Scanned Document:

[1] Noble Sir. ]

May it please you to understand, that we have Received yours by hand of youre Deputed and authorized agents viz your Secretary and Ensigne vnto whose relations wee have ] and doe acording to your request give Credence and withall con ]venient sp ]eede indevor [      ] your plesure declared chiefly in the Instructions you sent by them ] thence for our Consideration, who incontinently made choyce ] cheefe of 5 ] of us ] to conferr with your aforesaid agents: further that ] so the Might have the more light af ]ter serious Considerations to returne a plenarie answer ] to you: sume grounds were given unto your agentst and you may ] plese to understand that wee are not so well versed ] in such maters of high Consernment as to give a prese ]nt resolution besids sum of our Neiybors are absent whose ad ]vise wee desire to Concure with us at whose return ] shall withall Conuenient sp ]eed indevor it; soe with due respects andthankful ] acknowledgment of your well wishinges and well indeuors ] for our good wee Humbly take leave and Rest. ]

Th[o. Tapping
Ricard Gildersleve
Henry Persall
Jonas Wood

Hemstate Feb 26: 49


To ] our honerd gouernor ]
Peter ] Stevysand derector
Generall of the Province
Newnetherland, Curacao ]
these present.


Missing portions supplied from NYCD, 14: 109-10.


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