Greenwich residents to Director General Stuyvesant

Scanned Document:

[1][Right honorable: we the inhabitants of greenwich doe make bould to present your honors with A few lins and to informe you with our state and condition as followeth: our neyghbors of Standford hath allways desired and indevord to depoppolate this plase of grenwich and to leave it without inhabitans that so the prophit may redoune to themselves as might be proved by divers instances: and now they lay howld upon a new ocasion as we aprehend, for such an end Mr. Feke being returned Agayn from old England; they make use of his wekenes and sillines to wring the land out of Mr. Halletts hands and they stand redy as we think to gayne a grant from your honor for such A thing. But we hoope your honor will seriously consider before they drawe forth such a request from you: we can not see that Mr. Feke have any right to it although he Joyned in the purches, yet the former governor protested agaynst them and sent the vandrager[2] and souldiers and required them to submit to the goverment or] Avoyde the plase. Mr. Feke allways withstood it wherupon when the ] governor required their answer the Captain and Mrs. Feke submitted to them: she having full power of his estate: wherupon the governor judging ] him unfite to dispose A plantation, gave the land to Mrs. Feke as her own ] for inheritance to dispose of as she plesed and she have disposed of the ] land hithertoe and have given out lots in her own name, Mr. Feke never contri ]decting it to this day: this therefore is our request to your honor to ] mayntayn Mr. Hallets right Agaynst them and in his right ours, we ha ]ving our land from her. If your honor Conceive Mr. Feke should be ] payd for the purches, Mr. Hallet is willing to be countable to him for it: [      ] hous and that little land he improveth Mr. Hallet will keep [      ] eldest sonne and will lay some more land to it: as for Mr. Feke ] [      ] together According to the Council of New England and doe not ] [      ] his own right, whos Counsell we have ground to thinke according to ] [      ] Custom will tend to the subversion of this plase for it is Grenwich, wh ]ich they thirst for: nayther would they sett satisfied with that: might they obtayn their desires: we question not but many things might ] be brought to your honor which will never be proved: but we ] rest upon your honors wisdom and faythfullnes, that you will regard ] none of them: they peresuaded Mr. Feke all so to take all the state from Mrs. Hallet as we heer: not withstanding he have by writing given ] her halfe: your honor have established Mr. Hallet heer and we hoope you ] will mayntayn his right: we have told you above what they long ] for and soe being Assured your honor will doe more and beter than we can ] dictat we rest. from grenwich.

September 18, 1649, new stille.

Robert Heusted
Richard Crabb
Thomas Shewwood
John Coo


Missing portions supplied from ibid., 116-17.
Dutch vaandrager, ensign.


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.