Petition of Richard Denton, John Carman and others of Hempstead against the Schout of Flushing

Scanned Document:

[1] [      ] Flushing for satisfying the [      ]e should desire Mr. Doughty to re[      ]at so the defamation might bee removed, [      ] means of peace any proceeding or furtherance [      ] from the Scout or Officer in Flushing: Wee h[      ]ly conceive that [      ] a civill State) to have further'd so good a worke as peace-making is, Ma[      ] wealth where he is Officer, this letter was not for helping forward peace, bu[      ]es to returne him an Answer. That answer offended him so farre, that [      ]ding man would have though should have come from a man of h[      ], but meeting with Goodman Toe one of the Arbitratours there, such [      ] came home hurt and wounded. Not long after, the other of the Arbitratour[      ] Flushing was by the Scout committed to the Marshall to remaine Prisoner (for what [      ]ed one to bee bound for his appearance at the Court there, where the Scout wou[      ]. By this wee foresee that such dealeing beeing noysed abroad will discourage s[      ] come to us, and thereby force us to relinquish the place, to the great dammage, losse and h[      ] which have made a begining here, Nor can wee, as things appeare to us, expect that a[      ]e, or hereafter shall bee here, if hee bee but a litle displeased, can walke safely about our [      ] shall bee suddenly assaulted by him, if hee can spie any advantage.

[      ] our Redresse, and that the Common-wealth may not bee hindered in growth and increase, Wee humbly re[      ]t your Worship would please to informe your selfe fully concerning the Scout of Flushing and those bee [      ] here remonstrated. This wee humbly conceive you may doe, if you please to call Mr. Spicer and his Wife and what further Testimony they can bring of his demeanour there; whether it was peaceable, chas[      ] yea or noe. Also if you please to examine the letters, first of the Scout to Goodman Toe, then of the Arbitratours to him, and lastly his to them. Thirdly, if it please you to examine the Witnesses of the [      ] Passages there betwixt him and Goodman Toe. Fourthly if you please to search into the cause of his committing the other Arbitratour Thomas Robinson.

These matters beeing narrowlie scanned, and information taken, You will see whether it bee meet he should have any civill power committed or continued to him, or noe, also what justice will requier should bee done. And wee perswade our selves that you will readily doe herein what Jutice shall requier. Humbly commending your Worships person, Government, and all your proceedings to the direction and blessing of our gracious God, Wee remaine

Marshpague[2] March the first 1650.

Ri: Denton
John Carmans
Tho: Stevenson
Samuell Coe
Richard Walkers
John Cole
Richard Colefaxe
Thomas Robinson

Since the Writing hereof Wee are informed that Whosoever of us shall come over the scout of Flushing will bee upon the bones of us, or words to like purpose, which will be proved.


Peticion of Mr. Denton and othe[      ] Concerning [      ]


The schout of Flushing at this time was John Underhill.


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.