Letter from Director General Stuyvesant to the governor of Massachusetts

Scanned Document:

[1] Honoured Sirs ]

The great desires ] that I have, of the maintaining of all loveing and neighbourlie ] Correspondencie with the severall respective English Jur ]isdictions was the greatest motive that drew mee to meete ] the worthy Comissioners the last yeare att Hartford, that ] wee might not only indeavour to reconcile past differences if ] there were any, but likewise a settlement of a more Friendlie ] and neerer union betwixt us and amongst other matters some ] passages Concerning the South river (by you called Deleware bay) ] Came in question, betwixt those of the Collony of Newhaven ] & us: wee Claiming a right thereunto and those of Newhaven a old right to certaine parcells of land, ] but for myne ] owne parte not haveing warrant to put that (or any other ] matter of right in these partes of America dulie appertaing to the H: M: the Estates ] Generall of the united Belgicke Provinces, & by them graunted ] to the Right hon: the Lords Bewint hebbers of the West Indie Company to the arbitration or adjudgement of ] men, as matters were left us, ] they were fownd, & for myne owne parte did & doe heartilie ] desire that some speedy Course might be pitched uppon by the superiours of both nations in Europe, for the absolute determining of that and other differences of limmitts ] betwixt us heere in these partes, that for the tyme to Come ] there might not be any Cause of jarring betwixt us or ] our posterities, and in attendance thereunto have eamestlie ] indeavoured by letters to my principalls that they would further the same, am crediblie informed that our Embassadour hath instructions from the H: M: to treate and agree with the state of Engl: aboute it, I then likewise declaring myselfe that I should be Constreined, in case any should attempt the setling downe of any people there (uppon any pretence of right & as not dependent uppon the state of Holland) both by p[      ]t and otherwise to hinder them what I Could, haveing order and instructions from my superiours soe to doe and did reallie beleve that those of New haven would have rested satisfied with the equitie & weight of my proposition and declaration, & not have attempted any thing that waye untill further order oute of Europe, but Contrarye to my hopes & expectation some weekes past those of the Collonye of New haven sent a vessell this waye to passe by our Fort with some 50 men or thereaboutes under the guidance or conduct of Robert Crane & Leiftenant Seely & others with orders & instructions from them to settle downe in some partes of the South river and by vertu ]e of an onsworne Commission from the united Collonies to ] Capt: Nathaniell Turner, haueing order likewise in theyre ] passing by to deliver mee some letters from Governor Eato ]n, wherein I had the first certaine true intelligence of theyr ]e designe I confess he ]aring of it before (only) by common reporte. I could doe no ] lesse in relation to my duty, to whom I serve, but hinder theyre ] further progresse and not permit them to passe by, least I might jus ]tlie incurre the displeasure of my principalls with the impu ]tatio. of unfaithfulnes and Connivence thereforre I hope the hon ]oured the Governor and magistrates of the honourred Collonie of ] the Massachusetts will not in any measure take offence or ] blame me for what I have done, I haveing done it in obedie ]nee to Command to mee directed (from my principalls) not to permit a ]ny further intrusion or anticipation uppon theyre rights, and likewise ] haveing beforehand soe fairelie and ingenuouslie declared my resolution in that poynt the tyme of theyre detention heere, I am sure they cannot saye, but theyre entertainement was neighbourlie & civillie, & soe much I have thought good to acquaint you with, least any should wrongfullie traduce mee with untrue aspertions and whereas I understand there are some there that intend to have recourse unto you either to give you information of these passages, or to require your ayde and asistance for the Carrieing on of theyre designe, I hope your integrities and wisdoms will [      ] rather advise them patientlie to waite the resolutions & orders of both States oute of Europe then to imbroyle themselves & neighbours to the dangerous events of sad Consequences that may follow in case they shall still goe on with theyre intended designe, and not afforde them any Countenance therein, being formerlie crediblie informe ]d, when I was att Hartford that your selves and the rest of the Generall Courtes of New Engl: had fully resolved that in case they of New haven should attempt the setling downe of the said place, & that thereby any warres or troubles should arise you would leave them to themselves, as not haveing your approbatio. therein, the which I hope you will please still to Construe that we goe on in all neighbourlie & friendlie offices of love one towards another in these partes of America, least thereby wee shall give advantage to our Common enemie the Indians whose spirits are not yet soe subdued, nor affections soe towards us but would be glad to Catch att any opportunitie to do us a mischief [      ]


Missing material recovered from ibid., 69-70.


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