Notarized copy of the bill of lading of De Nieu Nederlantse Fortuyn

Scanned Document:

several lines lost ]

[ before Texel in order to sail to Manhattan in New [      ] with the first [      ] shall be [      ] my right, documentation [      ] the deck of [      ] of Gerard van der Voorde and company [      ] two oxheads and one aem of brandy, forty anckers of distilled waters, one chest with hats, one chest with stockings and gloves, thirty-[      ] cakes of soap, three chests with kettles and lead, one roll of hair cloth, four boxes, four kegs of steel, two half bales of pepper, one chest of cinnamon, one half [      ] of currents, eight casks of bird lime, 5400 lb. rope, five baskets of nails, four chests with duffels, one chest of lime, one keg with axes; all dry and in good condition, and marked with this same displayed mark. All of which I promise (if God may grant me a safe voyage [      ] with my aforesaid ship at the aforesaid Manhattan to the honorable Sr. Allert Anthony or to his factor or deputy; provided that I am paid for my freight of this aforesaid cargo seven hundred and ninety guilders and the average according to the custom of the sea. And in order to satisfy this which has been stated, I pledge myself and all my chattles, and my aforesaid ship with all its appertunances. In testimony of the truth I have signed three bills of lading with my name, or my signature done on my behalf, all with the same contents; if one be satisfied, the remainder are void. Written in Amsterdam the 10th day of August in the year 1650. Below was written: Thus states the merchant and it was signed Daniel Michielsen.

This agrees with the original printed and written bills of lading dated and signed as above. Witnessed by me as public notary in Amsteldam, this 13th of March in the year 1652.

H. Schaef


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.