Letter from the directors to Petrus Stuyvesant

Scanned Document:

[1] Valiant, Honorable, Pious, Dear Faithful. ]

Their High Mightinesses only just now, when the private ships areready at the Texel to start ] with the first favorable wind for New Netherland, sent us their letter and ] and the resolutions passed already the 27th of the last month, by which they summon your honor to appear ] without delay in order to report to them on the lands situated in New Netherland and the status of the boundary between us and the English there.[2] Therefore, we have deemed it proper and necessary to send your honor copies thereof, and to order your honor not to undertake a voyage to this place with too much haste but to await further instructions thereon from us, because it was done without the knowledge of this chamber or the assembly of the XIX, much less that any communication was made about it to us or the deputies of the respective chambers in The Hague, and that it is contrary to the charter granted by Their High Mightinesses to the Company, according to which such matters must be referred to the assembly of the XIX.

In the me ;mtime we hope and trust to educate Their High Mightinesses, who have been poorly informed, and to make it possible that the aforesaid resolution is shelved.

Just as the foregoing was put to paper, Mr. Pergens returned. He had traveled in haste to The Hague in order to hinder your honor's recall as much as possible. He reports that he had spoken about it with many members of the assembly of Their High Mightinesses and had so far succeeded that their honors, ] the honorable burgomasters Graef and Van Swieten, with six ] or seven members of the States of Holland had appeared before Their High Mightinesses at 9 o'clock ] yesterday morning and had called up the resolution adoped ] by Their High Mightinesses on the 27th of April,] which having been read, the States of Holland ] protested against it and it was agreed ] that it must first be brought up in the assembly of Holland. Likewise, we received by express a written communication that it had been resolved to stop the aforesaid letter.


Amsterdam this, 17 April 1652

Honorable, Valiant, Pious, Beloved and Faithful, we commend your honor to the protection of the Almighty, and remain,

Jacob Pergens
J. Rijckaerts

Herewith also goes a copy of the cargo of the ship 't Hoff van Cleef, for your honor's information.


To Director Stuyvesant in New Netherland.


Missing material supplied from NYCD, 14:178.
See NYCD, 1:471 for the resolution of the States General.


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