Letter from Schout Morris of Gravesend to Petrus Stuyvesant

Scanned Document:

Honored Sir

There was presented to mee by Claes van Elsland a writeing beareing date the 10th of this instant the ffull effect whereof (as being ignorant of your language) I understand not but as it is related unto mee, it is a commaund to mee from yourself and Councill to make my appearance before you the 17th of this present, thereto make Answere concerning a complainte, that Peeter Johnsonn or some for him, hath made against mee, to the which you maye please to remember, that when you putt off the magistrates of this towne, you commaunded mee to hold and keepe my place as Schout thereof, allthough I then tendered to laye downe my sword and not to acte in any such publique waye, the which you would not graunt, but denyed mee, and since which in the discharge of my dutye, and according to my dutye, I haue acted in this case concerning a debte, acknowledged before mee, to bee due from Peeter Johnsonn to Hubert Garrettsonn, and the which as it was acknowledged by him, soe before mee hee did engage himselfe to make paiement thereof, and that all such tyme as was agreed vppon betwixst them both, but Peeter Johnsonn faileing and Hubert makeing many Joumeys hether purposely, was neuer the lesse putt off with delayes, vppon which, the said Hubert Garrettsonn, requireing mee to doe my dutye, that sattisfaction and paiement might bee made I according to the libbertie of our patient attached a Chest and gunn of Peeter Johnsonn, and 14 dayes after the said seizure, I tendered him his goods, in case hee would make sattisfaction and allthough before many wittnesses hee did then againe acknowledge the debt and seemed to bee willing to paye, yettt being (as is conseiued) otherwise advised refused to doe it vppon which his goods was apprised to the ffull vallue and sattisfaction and paiement made to the Creditor. But in case Peeter Johnsonn is not contented and will please to engage, that I maye have sattisfaction both for myselfe and wittnesses, in case the said Peeter Johnsonn is caste in the Action, I shall be readdie to obeye your Commaund otherwayes I hope and desire I maye bee excused from further truble or charge, in reguard that as my selfe soe the rest of my neighbours (whom I must bringe in as wittnesses) are men that liue onely by our handy labour and therefore humblie intreate your Answer by this bearer resting your humble seruant.

Jo: Morris


To the Honoured Peeter Stuyvesant Esq Gouenr Genl of the N. Netherlands att the fforte of New Amsterdam this present.


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.