Letter from Andries van der Sluys to Director Stuyvesant

Scanned Document:

The Right Honorable Petrus Stuyvesandt is hereby informed how the Indians have used violence at the house of Jacop Adryaensz on the first of May 1658, whereby I, Andries van der Sluys, living in the house of the said Jacop, was compelled to flee with the said Jacop, his wife and children to the yacht of Willem Martensz Moer towards evening, after the Indians had killed Harmerz Jacopsz on the yacht of said Moer and towards midnight they sat fire to the house and on the morning of the 2nd of May we and the yacht of Louwerens Louwerensz left the kil and remained at its mouth and transferred the body of the aforesaid deceased Harmer Jacobsz to the yacht of the said Louwrens, so that he might take it with him to the Mannathans. We, the undersigned, declare all this to be true and truthful and promise to confirm it under oath and have therefore signed it with our own hands.

Andries Vander Sluys
Willem Martensz Hues
Harmen Harmens Gansevort
Jacob Andryaensen
Dirrck Hendricksz

Done 2 May anno 1658
Great Aesopus


Letter from the Esopus and answer of the honorable lords councilors thereon-dated 4 May 1658. Copy sent to the honorable La Montagne.


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.