Letter from Sergeant Andries Louwerensen to Petrus Stuyvesant

Scanned Document:

Honorable General Petrus Stuyvesant.

This serves as answer to your honor's last letter of the 23rd of September.[1] The bridge has been swept away with the exception of one beam, so that it cannot be repaired and the farmers say that it will not suit them to begin making a new one before winter.

I cannot inform your honor for what purpose the Indians brought the sewant to the Christians, except for this enclosed statement made by them.[2]

I have spoken with Jacob Jansen and Thomas Chambers about the feeding of the horses; they answered that they could accommodate your honor with dry fodder, but they have no oats whatever, as the worm has destroyed it and they have not harvested any oats. If your honor is satisfied with it, then please send up the horses.

Regarding Jurryen Westfalen, he thinks, he will come down by the first opportunity and see whether he can agree with your honor about the rent of the farm here, but that the oxen would be of no service to him at present; he will speak about it more in detail with your honor.

Please inform me by the first chance, what is to be done with the barn, for it standsjust as at the time, when your honor left here. I have gotten people to mow reeds and Jurryen Westfalen is willing to put up the roof; the reed cutters demand 30 stivers for mowing the marsh. I expect your honor's orders in this regard as soon as possible.

The honorable General will also please to remember our provisions, whereas bricks for a chimney is much needed, as well as for the guardhouse. Closing herewith, I commend your honor to the protection of the Almighty, and am and remain,

Andries Louwrensz

Great Aesopus,
the 28th of September anno 1658.


Letter does not exist.
Statement does not survive.


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