Actions of debt

Scanned Document:

Ordinary Session Held in Fort Orange
December 12, 1656


La Montagne, commissary
Rutger Jacobsen
Jacob Schermerhoom
Philip Pietersen

Harmen Jacobsen, plaintiff, against Pieter Stevensen, defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment of ƒ30, which the defendant owes.
The defendant admits that he owes ƒ23:12, and no more.
The court orders the defendant to pay the acknowledged sum of ƒ23:12.

Leendert Philipsen, plaintiff, against Tierck Claessen, defendant.
The plaintiff says that the defendant, having rented a house from him, has without his knowledge sublet it to someone else and requests that the rent thereof be paid to him.
The defendant agrees to it.
The court orders that the plaintiff shall receive the rent of his own house.

Foppe Barentsen, plaintiff, against Comelis de Vos,[2] defendant.
The defendant asks for a copy of the plaintiff’s demand.
The court orders the plaintiff to furnish the defendant with a copy of his demand, to file his answer thereto on the next court day.

Anderies Herbertsen, plaintiff, against Claes Teunissen, defendant.
The plaintiff exhibits his power of attorney.
The court refers the parties to the previously issued order.

Frans Barentsen Pastoor, plaintiff, against Jan van Bremen and Pieter Bronck, defendants.
The parties failing to appear, the second default is taken against Jan van Bremen and the first default against Pieter Bronck.

Claes Hendericksen, plaintiff, against Gerrit Slechtenhorst, defendant.
The defendant produces Jan de Ret[3] as a witness, who testifies that he was present when the copy of the lease between the parties was changed or added to and that he heard the defendant simply grant the use of the area in question to the plaintiff, but that he did not hear him give any consent to build thereon.



This list only appears in NYCM.
Comelis Vos in NYCM
Dareth in NYCM
This is the end of the first volume of Fort Orange Court Minutes.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New Netherland Documents Series: Vol. 16, part 2, Fort Orange Court Minutes, 1652-1660 (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press: 1990).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.