Actions of debt; application of the sheriff of Renselaerswyck for the punishment of Lambert van Neck

Scanned Document:

Ordinary Session Held in Fort Orange
February 6, 1657

President, J. La Montagne
Anderies Herbertsen
Jacob Schermerhoom
Philip Pietersen

Foppe Barensen, plaintiff, against the officer of this court and Willem Brouwer, defendants.
The plaintiff demands to know the reason why the officer placed him in confinement.
The officer[1] says that he did so on account of a complaint of violence committed against Willem Brouwer made by Willem Brouwer.
The defendant admits having made such a complaint and the plaintiff ] requests that the officer make his complaint in writing.
The court orders the officer to give a copy of ] his complaint in writing to the defendant to make answer thereto on the next court day.

Teunis Spitsbergen,[2] plaintiff, against Abraham Pietersen Vosburch, defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment of 13 beavers and one hundred three guilders in strung sewant.
The defendant admits the debt and promises to pay the same in July.
The plaintiff demands cash payment.
The court, having heard both parties, orders the defendant to pay the sum demanded by the last of May.

Abraham Pietersen Vosburch, plaintiff, against Meyndert Fredericksen, defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment for some timbers, which he freighted in the woods and which the defendant hauled out of the woods; he is asking fifty guilders for them.
The defendant admits that he used the said timbers; however, he says that he did not have them hauled out of the woods, but that they were brought to him as lumber that had been lying in the woods for a long time; he offers to give ƒ6:- for them.
The court, having heard the parties, orders the defendant to pay the plaintiff ƒ6:- cash for the timbers in question.

Rutger Jacobsen, plaintiff, against Claes Teunissen, defendant.
The court, having heard the parties, orders the curators appointed to administer the estate of Jacob Luyersen, deceased, to appear before the magistrates tomorrow at nine o’clock.

Eldert Gerritsen, plaintiff, against Foppe Barentsen, defendant.
The plaintiff demands fulfillment of a certain contract made with the defendant, whereby the defendant is bound to serve him for one year at ƒ2:3 a day, which contract he shows.
The defendant admits it and declares that he is ready to fulfill the contract, provided that the plaintiff furnish sufficient sureties for the payment of his wages, every day, every week, or every month, as he pleases.
The court orders the defendant to fulfill the contract according to the conditions offered him.

Jochim Kettelhem, plaintiff, against Lubbert, Labitee’s servant, defendant.
Default. The defendant failing to appear, default is entered against him.

Gerrit Swart, schout of Rencelaerswyck, plaintiff, against Lambert van Neck, defendant.
The plaintiff demands maintenance of justice in a case of assault resulting in bloodshed committed in Rencelaerswyck, according to a deposition which he produces.
The defendant admits that he struck back at Henderick Gerritsen, who had struck him twice.
The parties having been heard and the deposition examined, the court condemns the defendant to pay one pound Flemish.

Gerritie Bouts,[3] plaintiff, against Henderick Reur, defendant.
Default. The defendant failing to appear, default is entered against him.

Jan Daniel, deputy schout , plaintiff, against Gerritt Hendericksen and Henderick Classen, defendants.


This is a reference to J. La Montagne, serving in his capacity as schout.
Teunis Comelissen van der Poel alias Spitsbergen
Giertge Nanninghs, the wife of Willem Fredricksen Bout


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New Netherland Documents Series: Vol. 16, part 2, Fort Orange Court Minutes, 1652-1660 (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press: 1990).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.