Actions: Abraham Abrahamsen vs. Harmen Bastiaensen; Surgeon de Hince vs. Thomas Powelsen; actions of debt

Scanned Document:

49 ] Ordinary Session held in Fort Orange

March 13, 1657

President, Johannes Lamontagne
Rutger Jacobsen
Anderies Herbertsen
Jacob Janssen Schermerhoorn
Philip Pietersen

Abraham Abramsen, plaintiff, against Harmen Bastiaensen, defendant.
The plaintiff says that he was hired at the Manhatans by Henderick de Ruyter to serve the defendant and that he came here for that purpose and requests that the defendants engage him.
The defendant answers that he wanted to engage the plaintiff to do his work, not only to drive the cart but to spade and to cut wood in the forest, as he gave orders to Henderick de Ruyter to engage someone who would do all this work, but that the plaintiff refused to do it.
The plaintiff replies that he was engaged only to drive the cart.
The court, having heard the parties, orders the plaintiff to do such reasonable work for the defendant as his master shall order him to do, or, in case of refusal, to leave the service and to seek to recover damages from Henderick de Ruyter, who hired him.

Meester Jacob de Hince Churigijn, plaintiff, against Thomas Pouwelsen, defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment for the treatment of a wound of defendant’s wife.
The defendant says that he has a contract with the plaintiff for two beavers a year.
The plaintiff replies that he made an agreement with the defendant in regard to the accidents which would occur naturally, but not about wounds which were inflicted deliberately, as this one was, offering to prove the same.
The defendant likewise offers to prove the contrary.
The court, having heard the parties, orders them respectively to bring in their evidence on the next court day.

Christoffel Davids, plaintiff, against Jacob Adriaensen Neus, defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment of ƒ423:10:-.
The defendant admits the debt but claims that he does not have to pay it until the next month of August, when he promises to pay, binding his house here as security for the payment.
Having heard the parties, the court orders the defendant to pay the plaintiff the aforesaid sum promptly in August, according to his offer.

Baefie Pietersen, plaintiff, against
2d default. Jan de Cuyper, defendant.
1st default. Dirck de Gojer, defendant.
1st default. Egbert Timmerman, defendant.
1st default. Claes van den Berch, defendant.

Harmen Jacobsen, plaintiff, against Jan Eerhaers, defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment of a note and defendant’s account.
The defendant denies that he owes so much, as he paid a part of the amount.
The court orders the parties to settle with each other as far as possible and to appear before the court in regard to any difference that may remain between them.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New Netherland Documents Series: Vol. 16, part 2, Fort Orange Court Minutes, 1652-1660 (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press: 1990).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.