Actions of debt; Baefje Pietersen vs. Meuwes Hoogenboom and others

Scanned Document:

Ordinary Session Held in Fort Orange
April 17, 1657

President, Johannes Lamontagne
Rutger Jacobsen
Anderies Herbertsen
Jacob Schermerhoorn
Philip Pietersen

Jan Lambertsen, plaintiff, against Jan Gouw, defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment of the sum of ƒ29:15, for work done for the defendant, of which he has received 4 schepels of wheat.
The defendant admits that the plaintiff worked for him twelve days at ƒ2- a day, amounting to ƒ24:-, for which he paid the plaintiff 8 schepels of wheat at ƒ3:— a schepel, so that he claims that he paid the plaintiff in full.
The court orders the parties to prove their statements on the next court day.

Claes Janssen, that is to say Jacobsen, plaintiff, against Jochim de Backer, defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment of forty-two and a half beavers by virtue of a judgment by default.
The defendant admits the debt, but says that the time does not expire until the last of the month.
The parties having been heard, the court orders the defendant to pay the forty-two and a half beavers to the plaintiff on the end of the following July.

Willem Albertsen, plaintiff, against Storm Albertsen, defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment of ƒ30:- for wages.
The defendant says that he has a counterclaim.
The court orders the parties to settle their accounts before two arbitrators to be chosen by them respectively.

Steven Janssen, plaintiff, against Egbert Sandersen, defendant.
The plaintiff says that he has had the defendant’s money in the hands of Adriaen Appel attached and caused the said defendant to be summoned to hear the reason of the attachment.
Default. The defendant failing to appear, default is entered against him and the attachment provisionally declared valid.

Jan van Hoesem, plaintiff, against Geertruy Jeronimus, the wife of Jochim de Backer, defendant.
The parties having respectively declared that they desist from the further production of testimony ].
The court grants the parties papers to cease and desist.

Jan Tomassen, appearing before the court, complains to it that the officer through the court messenger has forbidden him to proceed with the construction of a shed, which he is building on his lot.
The officer says that, having heard that the same was being erected contrary to the survey and orders of the director and the magistrates, he had forbidden it.
Jan Tomassen says that he built the shed for the accommodation of the Indians and promises to tear it down within the space of three months.
The court prohibits Jan Tomassen from using the aforesaid shed for the space of three months.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New Netherland Documents Series: Vol. 16, part 2, Fort Orange Court Minutes, 1652-1660 (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press: 1990).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.