Complaint and sentence of Hans Vos for selling liquor to Indians

Scanned Document:

Extraordinary Session Held in Fort Orange
April 28, 1657

President, Rutger Jacobsen
Anderies Herbertsen
Jacob Schermerhoom
Philip Pietersen

J. Lamontagne, in his capacity as officer, plaintiff, against Hans Vos, defendant.
The plaintiff says that many complaints have reached him from the inhabitants of Katskil about the sale of liquor to the Indians by the defendant, contrary to the ordinance issued by the honorable director general and council of New Netherland.[1] He has therefore investigated the matter and caused several witnesses to be examined before the court and, as it appears from their answers to the interrogatories hereto annexed that the defendant is guilty thereof and this is a matter of dangerous consequence which cannot be tolerated in a land where justice prevails, he demands that the aforesaid defendant be condemned to pay the fine of ƒ500:- and furthermore be banished from the jurisdiction of this court according to the ordinance, as an example to others.
The court, having examined the documents produced by the honorable plaintiff as well as by Hans Vos, defendant, and finding that the defendant is guilty of the charges brought against him, condemn him to pay a fine of ƒ500:- and in addition banish him, as they do hereby, from the jurisdiction of the court for the period of three years, as an example to others. Thus done and adjudged in Fort Orange, on the date above written. Was signed: Rutger Jacobsen, Anderies Herbertsen, Jacob Schermerhoom, and Philip Pietersen.


See LO, 258, for this ordinance.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New Netherland Documents Series: Vol. 16, part 2, Fort Orange Court Minutes, 1652-1660 (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press: 1990).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.