Actions of debt; attachment issued against the property and debts of Harmen Jacobsen Bamboes

Scanned Document:

Ordinary Session Held in Fort Orange
July 10, 1657

President, Johannes Lamontagne
Philip Pietersen
Abraham Staets
Adriaen Gerritsen

Jan van Eeckelen, plaintiff, against
Default. Foppe Barentsen, defendant.

Willem Hoffmeyer, plaintiff, against
2nd Default. Jochim Wesselsen, defendant.

Jacob Tijssen, plaintiff, against
Default. Jan Gouw, defendant.

Daniel Rinckhout, plaintiff, against
Default. Leendert Philipsen, defendant.

Claes Gerritsen, plaintiff, against
2nd Default. Jan Darech, defendant.

Teuwes Abrahamsen, plaintiff, against
Default. Jan Gouw, defendant.

Pieter Jacobsen, plaintiff, against
Default. Cornelis Vos, defendant.

Lourens Lourensen, plaintiff, against
Default. Henderick Bierman, defendant.

Frans Cooninck, plaintiff, against
2d Default. Huybert Janssen and Karsten de Noorman, defendants.

Jaques de Fransman, plaintiff, against
Default. Pieter Stevensen, defendant.

Rutger Jacobsen, plaintiff, against Henderick Bierman, defendant.
The plaintiff, stating that he sold his yacht to Harmen Jacobsen, who is now absent, requests that the excise due by the defendant, of which he Harmen ] is the farmer, and furthermore all other means of the said Harmen Jacobsen in the hands of the defendant, be attached for the benefit of the plaintiff.
The defendant agrees and promises to render an account of all the property of Harmen Jacobsen which is in his hands.
The court enjoins the defendant from letting any property of Harmen Jacobsen go out of his hands and from paying out any money, except by order of the court.

Jan van Eeckelen, plaintiff, against Kit Davidtsen, defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment of ƒ172:16:- in beavers.
The defendant admits that he owed the plaintiff the aforesaid sum, but maintains that in payment he assigned to him a note for ƒ152:- due to him by Cornelis Slecht, which the plaintiff accepted, and offers to pay the balance of ƒ20:16.
The court, having heard the parties, orders the plaintiff to be satisfied with the note given to him for the sum of ƒ152:-, which he accepted, provided that the defendant pay him ƒ20:16.

Volckert Janssen, plaintiff, against Cornelis Teunissen, defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment of ƒ852:1 5 for which the defendant is surety.
The defendant acknowledges his obligation as surety and asks for extension of time of payment.
The court orders the defendant to pay within the space of six weeks.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New Netherland Documents Series: Vol. 16, part 2, Fort Orange Court Minutes, 1652-1660 (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press: 1990).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.