Action of the sheriff against Hendrick Andriessen

Scanned Document:

Extraordinary Session Held in Fort Orange
September 5, 1657


La Montagne
Jacob Schermerhoorn
Philip Pietersen
Jan Tomassen
Goossen Gerritsen
Adriaen Gerritsen

Ulderick Kleyn, plaintiff, against Eldert Gerbertsen, defendant.
The plaintiff complains that the defendant, last Wednesday, being the 29th of August, called his wife a woman who had been flogged and branded on the scaffold at Amsterdam and said that she had whored around with the malle boer and hageboom named Jacob Klomp.
The defendant answers that the plaintiff’s wife first called him a scoundrel and a thief and his wife a whore.
The plaintiff produces depositions of four women, which confirm the plaintiff’s complaint.
The defendant in rebuttal produces Albert Gijsbertsen Rademaecker, who, appearing before the court, declares that last Wednesday, being the 29th of August, while Eldert Gerbertsen was at his house to settle accounts with him, Baefien Pietersen, the wife of Ulderick Kleyn, came to the aforesaid house and dunned him about some debts in such a way that a dispute arose between them, and the said Baefien Pietersen took hold of the said Eldert and called him a scoundrel.
The court, having heard the parties, orders the defendant to prove by sufficient witnesses that Baefien Pietersen first assailed and slandered him, in order according to the circumstances of the case to administer law and justice to the parties.

The court, having seen the written report of magistrates Rutger Jacobsen and Anderies Herbertsen, arbitrators appointed by the court on October 7, 1656, in which they, after examination of the previous and subsequent debts between Femmetjen de Baxter [1] and Michiel Teunissen, find that to satisfy the debts made by the said Michiel Teunissen and Femmetjen de Baxter, during their association or partnership, there is still due by the said Michiel Teunissen the sum of ƒ84:10:-, the court confirms the opinion and findings of the aforesaid magistrates and hereby condemns Michiel Teunissen to pay to Femmetie de Baxter, the sum of ƒ84:10, on condition that the said Michiel Teunissen shall thereby be released from all debts which were contracted during their partnership.


the bakeress


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New Netherland Documents Series: Vol. 16, part 2, Fort Orange Court Minutes, 1652-1660 (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press: 1990).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.