Actions for debt; Jan van Hoesem's wife against Eva Rinckhout

Scanned Document:

Ordinary Session Held in Fort Orange
February 17,1660


La Montagne
Francois Boon
Anderies Herpertsen
Alexander Lendertsen
Jan Verbeeck

Schout Swardt, plaintiff, against
2d default. Jan Tijmonsen, defendant.

Frans Baerentsen, plaintiff, against Femmetien Albersen, defendant.
The plaintiff demands of the defendant payment of one hundred thirty guilders, six stivers, according to the account.
The defendant admits the debt and promises to pay the same on receiving ] the last payment for her house.
The honorable court condemns the defendant to pay the plaintiff and from this date the plaintiff has a preferential claim on the last payment for the house.

Rutger Jacobsen, plaintiff, against
2d default. Hendrick Claesen, defendant.

Jan Meyndersen, plaintiff, against Jan Thoomassen and Volkert Jansen, defendants.
The plaintiff says that in the employ of the defendants he received a wound in his arm from a gun and requests that he may be reimbursed by the defendants for the surgeon’s fees in connection with said wound.
The honorable court dismisses the plaintiff’s case.

Cristoffel Davidts, plaintiff, against Willem Jansen, defendant.
The plaintiff demands fifty guilders by balance of accounts.
The defendant denies that he owes so much.
The honorable court orders that the matter be disposed of by referees.

The wife of Jan van Hoesem,[1] plaintiff, against Eva Rinckhouts, defendant.
The plaintiff demands reparation of honor for some abusive language exchanged between the parties.
The defendant admits that she used some abusive words, but says that she is sorry and desires to live together as good neighbors.
The court, having heard the parties and the submission of the defendant, discharges her from the plaintiff’s demands and orders that they shall henceforth live together in peace, under the penalty provided by ordinance.

Jacob Hendricksen, plaintiff, against
2nd default. Poulus Martensen, defendant.

Jan Albersen, plaintiff, against Jacob Thijsen, defendant.
The plaintiff demands reparation of character as the defendant called him a chicken thief.
The defendant produces a deposition made by Gerrit Slechtenhorst, containing testimony about a hen at one time detained at the house of Jan Albersen, which belonged to the deponent.
The court, having heard the parties and seen the deposition, find the matter somewhat obscure, but order the parties to satisfy each other and mutually to refrain from further proceedings in the matter.

Jan van Eeckelen, plaintiff, against
1st default. Reynier Wisselpenninck and Willem Brouwer, defendants.

Jan van Eckelen, plaintiff, against the wife of Michiel Teunesen,[2] defendant.
The plaintiff demands payment of five schepels of wheat and two guilders in sewant.
The defendant denies that he owes the wheat, but admits that he owes twelve guilders in sewant.
The honorable court orders the husband of the defendant to appear on the next court day.

Pieter Boudt, plaintiff, against
1st default. Cornelus Hoogenboom, defendant.

Idem plaintiff, by his wife, against Abraham Carpeyn, defendant.
The honorable court orders the plaintiff's ] [3] husband to appear on the next court day.

Poulus Comelussen, plaintiff, against
1st default. Hans Caerelsen, defendant.

Francois Boon, plaintiff, against
1st default. Jan Harmsen, defendant.


Volckge Jansen
Grietje Jacobsen
The text has “defendant’s” by mistake.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New Netherland Documents Series: Vol. 16, part 2, Fort Orange Court Minutes, 1652-1660 (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press: 1990).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.