Patent to Robbert Pinoyer

Scanned Document:

We, Willem Kieft, etc... have given and granted to Robbert Pinoyer a piece of land on Long Island between the properties of Antony Jansz and Meleydie Modey, stretching along the beach of said Antony from the marsh, N. N. W. 45 rods, N. by W. 30 rods, N. N. E. and N. by E. 45 rods; then through the woods to said Melaydy Modee's E. S. E. and S. E. by E. between both 275 rods along the land of said Meleydie S. S. W. 225 rods to the meadow; then along the meadow with some indentations to the said Antony Jansz' land; containing 89 morgens 442 rods, with express condition etc...

Done at Fort Amsterdam, 29 November 1645.


Translation: Gehring, C. trans./ed., New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vols. GG, HH & II, Land Papers, 1630-1664 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1980).A complete copy of this publication is available on theĀ New Netherland Institute website.