Court minutes

Scanned Document:

At a Council in Fort Willem Hendrick, the 15th February, 1674.

Present—  Governor-General Anthony Colve, 
Councillor Cornelis Steenwyck, 
Fiscal Captain Willem Knyff 
Mr. Cornelis van Ruyven and 
Secretary Nicolas Bayard, assumed Councillors. 
The Fiscal, Pltff., 
Lourens Van Der Spiegel, Deft

Pltff. says that Deft. hath, contrary to the Proclamation dated 31st October, sold two cans of rum to a soldier stationed in the garrison here, for which he received a crane.
Deft. answers that he did not purchase the pot-hooks, but that his wife gave 2 cans of rum as a present, intending to have the crane returned to the owner, as she had heard it had been found.
Parties are recommended to settle the matter between themselves before the next session of the Court, or else it will be finally disposed of then.

The Fiscal, Pltff.,  
Dirck Janse van Deventer. 

Pltff. persists in his demand made at the last Court, requesting that the judgment of the Burgomasters and Schepens in the suit between the Schout of this city and the Deft. for the insult offered by the Deft. to Lieutenant Quirynsen shall be annuled and the Deft. condemned according to his previous demand, &c.
Deft. answers that he is not aware of having made use of any ill language to Mr. Quirynsen, and in case he hath done so unknowingly whilst in liquor, declares he is sorry for it.
Ordered: That the suit be continued until the next Court, which is to be next Thursday, the 22nd instant, to learn, meanwhile, if the Burgomasters and Schepens can give any further explanation of their judgment.
On the petition of Christiaen Pieterse, requesting to be allowed to offset against Collector Kregier what Messrs Lovelace and Lavall owe him, the Petitioner,
It is ordered:
The Petitioner, as far as regards his claim against the estate of Messrs Lovelace and Lavall, is referred to the Commissioners thereunto appointed, to whom alone it belongs to examine the justice of his claim, and it is further ordered that he pay the excise which he owes.


Translation: O'Callaghan, E.B., trans./ed., Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New-York, vol. 2 (Albany: Weed, Parsons: 1858), pp. 569-730 (vol. 23, pp. 1-270 only).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.