RESOLUTION to send a ship out on reconnaissance

Scanned Document:

Resolution drawn up aboard the ship Den Blouwen Haen, the first of January 1644.

Whereas we could not tack above Curaçao because of contrary currents, it was necessary for us to pass over towards Espaniola in order to gain some intelligence from these places, whether it be from the ships which might be there loading from the discovered mines or for other reasons, whether here or there it had to be done for the service of the Company, we have decided (so as not to be seen with the entire squadron) to send two or three yachts on ahead in order to see whether they can take some prisoners before our arrival either near the coast or on land, employing for this purpose the yachts Den 7 Starre, Paroquiet and Nassou. Thus done and concluded at the place, year and day as given above.

Was signed: P Stuyvesant
Willem Cornelissen Oudenmarckt
Jan Classen Smal
Marten Doene
Jan Claessen van Meppel
Jacob Lopper


These names do not represent original signatures. This resolution was apparently copied into the resolution book at a later date.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., Curaçao Papers, 1640-1665 (New Netherland Research Center and the New Netherland Institute: 2011).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.