RESOLUTION concerning rations and employment of personnel

Scanned Document:

Resolution drafted on this 6th of June 1644 at Fort Amsterdam on Curaçao.

In consideration of the present supply of provisions in the storehouse, we see that the supplies which arrived aboard the fluyt De Melckmeyt for those from the Marnahon will be of assistance to us and last us for 8 to 9 months; and in order to manage and use thriftily the same for the maximum benefit and service of the Company, we have decided to distribute the ration for the first three to four months, as follows, namely, for each man per week one and one half pounds of meat, one pound of bacon, ¾ lb. stockfish until further orders, one half mutsjen oil, one mutsjen vinegar, two cans of pottage, five pounds of soft or three pounds of hard bread.

Second, because of the departure of Pieter Pietersen van Amsterdam, former skipper on a captured bark named De Nassou, which was brought here from the Marenhaon by Den Blouwen Haen, and which we believe can still perform some service for the Company, we therefore have decided to provide it with another capable person to command it as skipper; and having been informed of the capability of the person of Lourents Christiaensen van Coppenhaegen, former skipper on the galiot called Amsterveen, we have hired and employed him to command the bark Den Nassou as skipper and adhere to the Company’s service, for which he is to earn as wages 42 guilders per month beginning the first of June of this current year.

Third, whereas the yacht Den Neptunus is lacking an assistant pilot and it has been found necessary to fill this position with a capable person, and whereas ] we have a scarcity of material here, it has been necessary to select one of the most capable sailors for it. According to our best knowledge of ability thereto, we have nominated the person of Adriaen Cornelissen van Baringhoorn and he shall earn 20 guilders per month beginning the first of June of this current year.

Fourth, whereas the galiot named Amsterveen arrived here with soldiers from the Marnahon and it was considered unfit to send to Brazil, we decided (after it had been previously ordered by instructions from the council to use them here between these islands in the service of the Company) to send them to Bonnairo, as soon as it is ready, in order to supply us with information on the situation of the aforesaid island and the saltpans there.

Fifth, whereas there is no gunner on the yacht De Paroquiet and it is considered necessary to provide the same with a capable person for this position, and whereas ] we have been informed of the ability of the person of Pieter Janssen van Lubecq, we have employed and appointed him as gunner on the aforesaid yacht De Paroquiet and he shall earn 16 guilders per month beginning the first of July 1644.

Sixth, Huibert Muller, sailing on the yacht Den 7 Staerre, whose time has expired and who wants to reenlist in the service, is hired again for two years beginning the first of July and shall earn 12 guilders per month. Thus done and concluded at the place, day and year as stated above.

P. Stuyvesant
Jacob Loper
L. Rodenborch
Pouwels Lendersz
Jan Claessen


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., Curaçao Papers, 1640-1665 (New Netherland Research Center and the New Netherland Institute: 2011).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.