BILL OF LADING for five slaves loaded at Curaçao for New Netherland

Scanned Document:

I Jan Pietersen ] [1] van Dockum ] skipper, next to God, of my ship named Speramundij ] now lying ready before Curaçao ] to sail with the first good wind, which God may grant to N. Nederlandt ] where my rightful place of unloading shall be, acknowledge and certify that I have from you Frans Bruyn ] received into the hold of my aforesaid ship five Negroes, among whom is one girl ] all dry and in good condition, and marked with this distinguishing mark. All of which I promise to deliver (if God grants me a safe voyage) with my aforesaid ship to N. Nederlandt ] as stated above to the honorable lord director-general Petrus Stuyvesant ] or to his factor or deputy, on condition of paying for the freight of the aforesaid merchandise according to the discretion of the aforesaid honorable director-general. ]

And in order to guarantee the above-stated, I pledge myself and all my goods, and my aforesaid ship with all its appurtenances. In acknowledgement of the truth I have signed three bills of lading with my name, all identical; when one is satisfied the others are invalid. Written in Curaçao ] the 24th ] day of August 1659 ].


Brackets indicate handwritten material entered on printed form.
The mark of the West India Company appears in the upper right hand margin. See p.389 for photo of the original.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., Curaçao Papers, 1640-1665 (New Netherland Research Center and the New Netherland Institute: 2011).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.