LETTER from Hendrick Martens, commander at Aruba, to Petrus Stuyvesant

Scanned Document:

Honorable, Valiant, Wise, Prudent and very Discreet Lord, My Lord Pieter Stuyvesandt, General in Nieuw Nederlandt, director over the island of Curaçao and its dependencies, namely, Bonairo and Aruba.

Greetings. I hereby inform your honor that Director Mathyas Beck has ordered Jan Jansen Eyckenboom, skipper of the ship Den Eyckenboom to transport aboard the same ship fifty horses, among which there are four mares and one other horse, by the director Mathyas Beck, for my honorable lord general’s son. The receipts for these are included herein. Also being sent by order of my honorable lord Mathyas Beck are five parcels of pockwood.

If by chance this horse is not suitable for my honorable lord general’s son, please select the best horse aboard the ship Den Eyckenboom or aboard the galiot for your honor’s dear son. I hereby commend your honor and his entire family to the ferciful protection of the Almighty.

Done at Aruba, 18 May 1660

My honorable lord’s devoted and loyal servant and soldier,

Hendrick Martens

By the ship Den Eyckenboom


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., Curaçao Papers, 1640-1665 (New Netherland Research Center and the New Netherland Institute: 2011).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.