Scope and Content Note

This series consists of muster rolls for each division and brigade in the New York National Guard, as well as all organizations in the New York Naval Militia. The rolls are bound together in one volume for all divisions, and one volume for each brigade. Chapter 80 of the Laws of 1870 provided for annual musters and inspections of units of the National Guard and return of the same to the Adjutant General.

The division volume lists general and staff officers for each division as well as the officers and privates in each separate company of infantry or battery of artillery attached to the several divisions. The brigade volumes list general and staff officers for each brigade, artillery, and troop of cavalry.

The following information is given for each commissioned officer: name; rank; whether present or absent at annual muster; date of rank; date and rank of original entry into service; and remarks on any change in status. The information for non-commissioned officers and privates is similar, except that each entry gives date and term of enlistment or re-enlistment, and age at the time.

Each roll also lists names of men gained or lost since the last annual muster, by discharge, promotion, expulsion, transfer, removal, desertion, or death. Each muster roll contains a certificate of the commanding officer which includes remarks on the state of discipline, drill, arms and accoutrements, clothing, and equipment of the unit. Company muster rolls have a record of drills, inspections, and parades performed during the past year. Each muster roll also has summary statistics on gains and losses and on present strength.

The cover sheet of each roll gives identifying information on the unit, including names of commanding and mustering officers, and date and location of muster. Each volume contains inside the cover a typewritten list of muster rolls contained therein. The list gives name of unit and date and place of muster.

There is also one volume of "Muster Out Rolls 1882" which contains rolls for infantry companies, artillery batteries, and a cavalry troop disbanded in the years 1882-1885. The form is the same used for regular muster rolls. There is occasionally information on the reasons for disbandment.

13726-08: This accretion consists of two volumes of muster rolls of the 3rd Brigade, New York National Guard, for May 7-30, 1880 and October 10-26, 1881 respectively. Included are muster rolls for companies in the 7th, 8th, 69th and 71st Infantry regiments.