Scope and Content Note

This series documents a variety of miscellaneous maps created by the Base Mapping Unit. The files contain background information relative to special one-time mapping projects explaining why the maps were created, their revisions, and information they contain. Specific examples of these special projects include the production of an Airport Map, the Long Island Bridge Study, a Bike Map and Bus Map, the State Office Campus Map, the Canal Map, the Empire State Plaza Map, and an Oil and Gas Map. The files also include information on sources of information used, reasons for corrections and revisions, technical information on map production, and related correspondence. In some instances folded copies of the maps are included among the files.

20984-11: Mapping projects included in this accretion are an aeronautical chart of the state, Department of Transportation rest area map and regional office map, Conrail merger map, county map of the state, and a Northway Motorist Assistance map.