Steward's record of receipts and disbursements of supplies

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New York State Archives

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The steward, in his role as supply officer, kept track of receipts and supplies for the institution. Included are listings for foodstuffs, housewares, furniture, clothing, cleaning supplies, repairs and services, coal, seeds bulbs, keys and locks medical and surgical equipment and supplies, and lumber. For each item or service information includes date received or issued; value of item(s) received or issued: quantity or size of item(s) received and quantity issued.
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Chronological under specific item received or issued; items are sometimes grouped by general category (kitchen supplies, laundry supplies, medical supplies), but beyond this there is no pattern to the order of items listed.

Scope and Content Note

The Steward kept these records to track the receipt and distribution of equipment and supplies as part of his responsibilities as supply officer of the institution.

For each item (or, in a few cases, service), the volume provides: date received or issued; receiving book folio number (book no longer extant); value of item(s) received; quantity and/or size of item(s) received; quantity issued; and issuing book folio number (book no longer extant). The volume apparently covers all items for the entire institution, including: foodstuffs and spices; kitchen utensils, pots, pans, stores, and refrigerators; dishes, glasses, and eating utensils; cleansers, brushes, and other cleaning supplies; lanterns and lamps; pens, pencils, ink, paper clips, paper, and envelopes; clothing and shoes; furniture, mirrors, mattresses, and pillows; linoleum; towels; medical and surgical equipment and supplies, and prescriptions; exterminator services, automobile repairs, and other repairs and services; seeds and bulbs; painting supplies; electrical supplies; athletic equipment; maps and map handles; saw blades; keys and locks; water coolers; matches; paper bags; coal; and lumber.

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There are no restrictions regarding access to or use of the material.

Custodial History

The Department of Correction placed these records on loan to the Syracuse University Library from 1960-1977.

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