Clinton Correctional Facility Deputy Warden and Deputy Superintendent Inmate Supervision Files

Held by the New York State Archives

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This series consists of records concerning inmate supervision: weekly punishment reports; intradepartmental communications; memorandums and affidavits from internal investigations of alleged prisoner abuse; library statistics and reports; roll calls for prison employees; schedules for weekly assignments; case reports; Adjustment Committee minutes; employee suggestion forms; employee reports suggesting psychiatric help for inmates; prisoner protective custody requests; and messages from prisoners concerning potential disturbances.
1.5 cubic feet
Inclusive Dates:
approximately 1964-1974
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Scope and Content Note

These files contain various types of records concerning inmate supervision.

The records include: carbon copies of weekly punishment reports (giving date, name and number of inmate, reported by, punishment, offense, and remarks) that were forwarded to the Department's central office weekly; copies of intradepartmental communications (mainly memoranda) to or from the Deputy Warden or Deputy Superintendent concerning all aspects of prison administration; memoranda and affidavits from an internal investigation of alleged prisoner abuse, 1971-1972; library statistics and reports; roll calls for prison employees, including schedules for weekly assignments; mimeographed reports of disposition of cases heard by the Board of Parole; minutes of the Adjustment Committee; a few employee suggestion/inquiry forms; and several "Observation Reports to Psychiatrist" filled out by employees to call attention to the psychiatrist to inmates needing treatment.

There are also a few "Protective Admission and Custody Assignment Reviews" for prisoners requesting protective custody within Clinton Prison. Each gives name and number of inmate, current offense date, criminal background, personal history background, and "information basis for protective admission and custody assignment." Some of the reviews have "Inmate Response" forms attached. The series also includes a "Miscellaneous Folder" which contains messages from prisoners to the Principal Keeper or Deputy Superintendent concerning potential disturbances within the prison and other subjects, with accompanying memoranda from prison employees. Also in this folder is a "shuriken" or "ninja dart" of oriental origin, a multi-pointed metal disc apparently machined on a metal lathe, with a peace symbol engraved on the flat surface. (These were apparently intended for use as weapons).

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Protective Admission and Custody Assignment Reviews and convicts' messages less than 75 years old are restricted to protect personal privacy. Access may be permitted under certain conditions upon application to and approval by the State Archives.

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