Notices to and from mortgagees of lands sold for taxes

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This series tracks the State's requirement to give mortgagees notice before lands sold for unpaid taxes are conveyed to purchasers. Volume 1 lists year of sale; name of tract, patent, or identifying information; when notice was served and filed; and sometimes redemption notes. Volume 2 records summary information from mortgagees claiming an interest in the property sold. Information includes filing date; mortgagor and mortgagee; mortgage date; amount claimed; location and address of land; description of land; and person claiming notice.
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B0935-85:Chronological by year of tax sale.

B0935-99:Volume 1 is roughly alphabetical by name of tract or patent; Volume 2 is alphabetical by county.

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The series records the "due process" required of the state to give proper notice to mortgagees before lands sold for unpaid taxes could be conveyed to their purchasers.

B0935-99: The information contained in these volumes may have been summarized from documents in the original accession. Volume one (1871-1926) contains information gathered from notifications from the comptroller to mortgagees that tax-sales had occurred. Data are given in columnar form and includes year of sale; name of tract, patent, or other identifying information; lot number; when notice was served; and when notice was filed. A space left for additional notes sometimes gives information related to redemption of the property.

Volume two (1848-1921) records summary information gathered from notices from mortgagees claiming an interest in the property sold. Data include date of filing; name of mortgagor; name of mortgagee; date of mortgage; amount claimed to be due; town where land is located; name of tract and description of land; lot number; acreage; name of person claiming notice; and post office address.

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B0935-99: Volume 2 includes a county index.

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