Auburn Prison Inmate Record Cards

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New York State Archives

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This series consists of records of inmates released from Auburn Prison. Each card contains summary information on inmate's background; criminal activity; behavior and progress during confinement, and release from Auburn. Information includes name and inmate number; crime; date and place of birth; physical characteristics (color, height, weight); marital status; number of children; immediate relatives; religion; educational level; occupation; health; drug and alcohol use; citizenship; photograph; and prison activities. Records are restricted.
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Alphabetical by inmate surname.

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of record cards for approximately 18,000 inmates released from Auburn Prison from 1915 to 1970. The cards contain summary information on each inmate's background, criminal activity, behavior and progress during confinement, and release from Auburn.

These records were likely used by the Principal Keeper/Deputy Warden to record basic information about each inmate. Much of the information on the card duplicates the information found on the Warden's Record Card that was filed with the inmate's central case file. A large number of the cards indicate that the inmate's case file was destroyed, thereby increasing the value of the information preserved on these record cards.

B1222-77: The format and information contained on the record cards varies slightly over time. Cards are approximately 6" x 10" in size and contain information on both sides. The following is the basic information contained on each of the inmate cards: name and inmate number; crime (date, type, county, court, judge, plea, date of sentence); date and place of birth; characteristics (age, color, height, weight); marital status and number of children; name and address of immediate relatives; religion; educational level and occupation; health and use of alcohol or drugs; citizenship; prison term (number of days in jail, minimum term, maximum term, date maximum term expires, date received at Auburn or at previous institution if transferred); Auburn Prison information including cell number, shop location, and grade at release, locations and dates of shop assignments, dates of promotions to new grade, disciplinary action (description and dates of infractions, number of days forfeited) and inmate photograph; date and type of release (parole, transfer, etc.); and notation if inmate's central files were destroyed.

Use of Records

Access Restrictions

Summary information on adult inmates is disclosable under law. State Archives staff will review records containing probation, parole, medical, and juvenile criminal history data and disclose information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law and Personal Privacy Protection Law. The identity of victims of sex crimes is not disclosable. Unless a specific law forbids disclosure indefinitely, all records must be disclosed after 75 years.

Processing Information

B1222-77: Originally accessioned as part of old collection #500G, accession -441.

B1222-99: This accretion resulted from a project by Archives staff in 1999 to integrate or accession estrayed or unidentified records. When the series was rearranged alphabetically to facilitate access in 2017-2018, the cards in this accretion were folded into the original accession and the accretion ceased to exist as a separate set.

Access Terms

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Detailed Description

Contents Box

Accretion: B1222-77
A-Al 1
Am-Az 2
B-Bars 3
Bart-Ben 4
Ber-Bog 5
Boh-Bren 6
Breo-Bro 7
Bru-Bz 8
Ca-Carre 9
Carri-Che 10
Chi-Cog 11
Coh-Con 12
Coo-Cra 13
Cre-Dam 14
Dan-Deg 15
Deh-Dia 16
Dib-Dou 17
Dov-Eg 18
Eh-Farq 19
Farr-Fiz 20
Fl-Fra 21
Fre-Garr 22
Gart-Gla 23
Gle-Gran 24
Gras-Guil 25
Guin-Harrin 26
Harris-Hend 27
Heni-Holk 28
Holl-Hunt 29
Hu-Jaq 30
Jar-Jom 31
Jon-Kaz 32
Kea-Kis 33
Kit-Ky 34
Laa-Lav 35
Law-Ley 36
Lia-Luci 37
Luck-Mang 38
Mani-Maso 39
Mass-McDonald 40
McDonn-Mend 41
Mene-Millo 42
Mills-Morc 43
More-Murr 44
Murt-Norr 45
Nors-Oq 46
Or-Par 47
Pas-Peto 48
Petr-Pot 49
Pou-Rai 50
Raj-Rh 51
Ri-Roc 52
Rod-Roz 53
Ru-Sans 54
Sant-Schr 55
Schu-Sha 56
She-Sli 57
Slo-Sol 58
Som-Sten 59
Step-Swa 60
Swe-Thomas L. 61
Thomas M.-Tre 62
Tri-Vas 63
Vat-Walse 64
Walsh-Wel 65
Wem-Williams C. 66
Williams D.-Wir 67
Wis-Young (no letter X cards) 68
Youngblood-Z 69
Mold Damaged Cards (photocopies are filed in main sequence) 70