Administrative History

Chapter 706 of the Laws of 1971 created the Adirondack Park Agency to ensure preservation of the Adirondack wilderness area that had been designated as the Adirondack Park in 1892. In consultation with local governments, the agency was charged to prepare and submit the Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Plan to the legislature for approval and modification on or before January 1, 1973. The plan would apply to the entire area of the Adirondack Park, except for state owned land, and was to be submitted together with the recommendations of the agency for its implementation. The plan divides land into areas and estimates the intensity of land use (its type, character, and extent) and the development permissible within each area. The plan was approved on March 3, 1973; a certified copy was filed with the Secretary of State and facsimiles were filed with the clerk of each county and local government wholly or partially within the Adirondack Park.